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What's "jsdo.it HTML5-Games"?

This website has a collection of HTML5 browser game posted through jsdo.it.
Enjoy browser games made by users!

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Connect your smartphone!

Many games using a smartphone as a controller are posted.
In addition, this website itself can be operated with smartphone. Try connecting your smartphone from 'Operate website with smartphone' button.

Connect your smartphone!

You can be a game creator!

With jsdo.it, you can create a HTML5 game right away. Now it's
easy to create a game using a smartphone as a controller.

You can be a game creator!
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Write codes with jsdo.it

Games on jsdo.it HTML5-Games can be made
with jsdo.it.
jsdo.it accout is required to make games.

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Post from jsdo.it jsdo.it

After making a HTML5 game with jsdo.it, post it from the "Post to jsdo.it games" button
on the code browsing page.

jsdo.it View Mode

Use jsdoitController.js now!

jsdo.it provides a library to quickly make
games playable with a smartphone controller using
WebSocket technologies.

jsdo.it WebSocket Controller
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Functions of Keyboard Buttons

w, ↑Up Button
s, ↓Down Button
a, ←Left Button
d, →Right Button
j, EnterA Button
k, escB Button
n, spaceSTART Button
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This website can be operated with smartphone too.

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